Check out the photos from the annual Dad & Me @ the Park event on June 20, 2015!!


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To support the importance of men and fathers taking an active role in the well-being of children and families.


As a policy and advocacy advisory board to the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors, the Fatherhood Collaborative successfully increases the awareness around the importance of fathers as male role models and their significant impact in the participation in child development and family stability. We believe that increased education, awareness and access to services provide family success, improve quality of life and ultimately meet a long term goal of minimizing the demand for county human services. We measure our outcomes through our hosted events (listed below) which aim to engage fathers and increase awareness about the importance of father involvement.

  • Dad & Me Series (current programs):
    • Dad & Me @ the Library – Literacy program featured at 19 county and municipal libraries which include an interactive puppet show. Dads spend quality time with their children in an enriching environment while learning about the value of reading and libraries.
    • Dad & Me @ the Park – Hundreds of fathers, children and families come together the Saturday before Father’s Day for this fun outdoor barbeque that provides educational and resource information to families, brings attention to our mission and acknowledges model organizations and individuals from San Mateo County through the Fatherhood Awards.
  • Dads Count Breakfast and Awards Ceremony – The Dads Count Breakfast aims to publicly recognize the importance of men as fathers, grandfathers and mentors to children; honor father friendly businesses; gain support from business, nonprofit and government communities for fatherhood focused activities; and provide an opportunity for networking around fatherhood related issues.